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Job at Auditor-General of South Africa, Audit Manager - Western Cape

- November 28, 2019
Requirement Overview

Responsible for the management of a portfolio of audits to ensure that the audit process (planning, execution, reporting etc.) is managed in an effective and efficient manner with the allocated resources and completed on time and according to relevant audit standards and legislation.

Roles & Responsibilities

Audit planning

  • Conduct research and engage with SM to gain an understanding of the auditee’s business environment including risks that may potentially affect the audit process
  • Discuss the identified risks with the audit team and come up with procedures to mitigate risks
  • Discuss the audit objectives, audit approach, focus areas and criteria with the audit team in line with AGSA audit strategy
  • Select the relevant audit team including appointment of specialist staff or contract out and engage them on the audit plans and budget
  • Plan and scope the audit assignment effectively. Allocate resources, define deadlines and ensure a comprehensive and appropriate terms of reference is set for each review
  • Ensure that appropriate audit components/sections are allocated to the audit team in line with their skill level and areas for development
  • Facilitate engagement meetings (entrance engagement) with management of auditees to discuss the scope, focus areas, objectives, methodology and due dates and request management to provide the audit team with relevant contact names, policies and procedures and any other information to assist in conducting the audit successfully

Audit Execution

  1. Constantly meet with the audit team to monitor audit progress, adherence to budget targets and assess where support is required to engage auditees if the team encounters any challenges
  2. Regularly review audit working papers and conduct relevant training for TA’s
  3. Execute audit procedures and all working papers
  4. Liaise with the management of the auditee on a regular basis through audit steering committee and audit committees
  5. Constantly engage with manager to provide updates on audit progress and required support to complete the audit on time
  6. Review errors identified during the audit and any other relevant audit documents and ensure that AM/AS report them on the schedule of uncorrected misstatements

Audit reporting

  • Review the audit and management report to ensure that it is written in compliance with relevant audit and quality standards and discuss findings with SM
  • Assist the SM in responding to questions from the auditee when the SM presents the audit and/or management report to the audit steering committee on the audit process and outcomes
  • Accurately capture and update ASMIS information
  • Review communication of audit findings and RFIs

Stakeholder engagements

  • Build strategic and value adding partnerships with key stakeholders in the auditees to ensure support during the audit process
  • Update the ASMIS stakeholder information
  • Liaise with key stakeholders at auditees ( such as Audit/MPAC Committee meetings) in the planning and execution of the audit, discuss findings, emerging risks and actions to address identified risks
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations on audit reports to SCOPA and parliamentary committees
  • Liaise with private audit firms relating to contract out audits

People Management

  • Implement initiatives for creation of talent pipeline and succession planning
  • Addressing any people matters that may arise from the team in partnership with relevant People Support BUs
  • Manage performance (including poor performance) to ensure that the team is productive and will contribute to achievement of organisational goals
  • Provide on the job training, coaching, mentorship and support to the team
  • Ensure that Trainee Auditors receive adequate and relevant exposure on audit components to ensure compliance with SAICA requirements
  • Support the implementation of the People plan initiatives to attract and retain competent staff
Financial management
  • Provide inputs in compilation of the centre budget
  • Monitor own and team recoverability and manage resources to comply with budget targets.
  • Responsible to follow up with debtors, processing of invoices and monitoring of CWC budgets
  • Manage project financials including budgets, timely billing and collection and variance recognition

Ad-hoc duties

  • Perform and/or manage other projects, tasks and assignments not stipulated on the job description as and when required

Skills, Experience & Education

Technical Competencies


Technical understanding of audit environment, audit standard practices and reporting on audit outcomes

Financial management

Ability to plan and monitor the use of expenditure to meet organisational objectives and compliance. Ability to prepare and review budget documents or reports

Business administration

Knowledge of appropriate business practices and procedures. Ability to allocate resources, plan procurement and oversee budgets and contracts to ensure fiscal stability of the centre

Project management

Ability to provide oversight for projects and all related activities. Ability to establish a set of tasks and activities associated with an intended outcome and timeline and ensure that actions are implemented to achieve the desired results of the project


Ability to document and communicate the scope of work and findings and recommendations in line with relevant reporting standards or guidelines

Formal Education

Technical/professional Certification - CA (SA) / RGA / ACCA qualification


  • Knowledge about PFMA and MFMA
  • Accounting and Auditing legislation and standards or principles
  • Extensive experience in IFRS and understanding of GRAP and MCS will be required for this position
  • The successful candidate would need to work with the Group Consolidation
  • Knowledge of the companies act will be preferable.


  • Completed articles (3 years)
  • 2 years post articles work experience
  • Experience as Audit supervisor or Assistant manager .

Closing Statement

The AGSA is not responsible for the verification of data provided and shall not be liable for any errors, factual, transcription or otherwise, contained in the information posted. Therefore, ensure that your online application and CV is correct, accurate and up to date.

To successfully upload documents on the career site, ensure that the document name does not contain any special characters.

This appointment is subject to the preferred candidate obtaining the necessary security clearance, reference checking and competency assessment.

We embrace and committed in achieving employment equity within the organisation.

Auditor General welcomes applications from all persons with disabilities

Closing date: 10 December 2019

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