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How To Unlock Your Xiaomi Device Boot Loader.

- July 03, 2019

Most probably, your Xiaomi phone comes with a closed bootloader. This implies you'll need to unlock the bootloader if you're planning to install a custom ROM or root the phone. 

This is not advisable because with an unlocked bootloader, the phone becomes less safe, you should only try to do this if you understand what you are doing and you are well conscious of the hazards associated.

Although it may sound complex, it's not that hard to unlock the bootloader on a Xiaomi phone. Two major steps are engaged: -

  1. Requesting approval from Xiaomi to unlock.
  2. Use MiUnlock tool to unlock the bootloader.
Requesting Approval From Xiaomi To Unlock.

Xiaomi reviews every request manually only to guarantee that the hazards concerned are understood by individuals asking to do so. To begin with: 

Check this link and sign in to your Xiaomi account to make sure that you already have a username for the forum. If you have not done so, you may not be able to continue and ask for approval.

Click Unlock Now By visiting this page.

You should be brought to the site of the login. Log in and see a form on your account. Change to English at the bottom of the page if the page is in Chinese. Complete your personal details with the form.

Give a valid reason why permission should be given to you. Try to persuade them that you understand what you're doing. Do not use your MTN number if you are in Nigeria. When the authorization is given, there is a possibility that you will not be notified.

Click the Apply Now button to send a code to your device immediately. Enter the code in the next page box and press the Next button.

You should get a success message.

You must now wait for a day or two to receive an SMS confirming that you have been given approval.

Bootloader Unlocking with MiUnlock Tool

After you have been notified that permission to unlock your bootloader has been given to you, download the unlock tool from this link.

Install the program. Start, agree to the terms and sign in to your Xiaomi account.

Hit the configuration icon (equipment icon) in the program's top-right corner and be sure to install my USB driver. Click the Install button if it is not mounted.

Turn off your phone, then boot to Fastboot mode by holding volume down button and powers botton. Alternatively, switch off the phone and hold down the volume button while the USB cable is inserted.

Once your phone is identified, just hit the Unlock button to start.

You may see an alert warning you of the risks of Fastboot unlocking. Click Unlock to continue anyway.

The method should begin after pressing the button.

Your bootloader will be unlocked after a while and you're nice to go.

Click and you're done on the Reboot phone button.


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