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Best Tips To Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly.

- July 30, 2019

Optimization of search engines has a lot of meaning in today's blogging country and around the world. After all, nobody can deny Google nowadays has one of the finest and most common search engines. Google enjoys SEO-friendly blog post, which is why Google ranks these posts in the top search engine.

Usually a lot of bloggers just write engaging post to get their attention from their audience, but they don't pay a little attention to make their post SEO friendly. Isn't that? That's exactly it.

It's a shame that due to absence of SEO efforts put into it, many well-written and engaging posts that have a lot of value for their readers are not ranked in the search engine. They seem to have missed a large chance from Google's organic searchers.

It's very simple to write a blog post, but making your blog post SEO friendly is very hard, right? So, the issue occurs as to how to create SEO friendly blog post?

Today I'm going to reveal the greatest secret of how to make your blog post SEO friendly and rapidly get top rank in the search engine.

Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly In Simple Ways:

1.Use Sticky And Eye Catchy Title
First, the most significant thing is to make sure you select a sticky, eye-catchy title that captures your site's attention from the target audience. Title plays an significant role in gaining interest in reading that post from many searchers. You need a targeted keyword in the name of your blog post to create SEO friendly blog title.

Title gives your readers and search engine the feeling to determine your post's relevance. Another important thing to optimize your SEO title is that your title doesn't have to be long. It must be between 65 and 70 characters.

In a study, it is estimated that 90% of searchers only take up to 10 seconds to decide whether or not to visit this article? Redundant and unsightly titles are losing thousands of organic tourists every day.

2.Must Be In Original Content
Search engine for SEO reasons like to filter out all duplicate content on other locations that is precisely the same. At distinct positions, they never want to demonstrate you the same material that harms the experience of their user.

Don't just copy and paste the site article of the neighbor with little changes or don't steal articles from someone else. Don't understand how to write material that is original or distinctive?

The first and foremost step is to do some research on your subject and then begin writing it in your own words to remember all the significant points. Keep in mind that your content must be original and not plagiarized.

3.Must Includes Keywords In The Content Body
Once you have chosen your targeted keyword, make sure that you use that keyword in the content body. Make your blog post SEO friendly at the start and end of the blog post by adding appropriate keywords.

Make sure your blog content has a focused keyword in the middle. In consideration of the reality that these keywords attract a lot of visitors back to the post and also rank rapidly in the search engine, I recommend you use long tail keyword. 

Remember: Don't treat your blog post too crappy and redundant as this act harms your SEO.

4.SEO Friendly Structure Of The URL 
You need a SEO friendly URL to make your post SEO friendly. Having SEO friendly URL makes the search engine post more appropriate and rapidly discovered. Don't understand what a pleasant SEO URL is?

No issue, if you're a WordPress user, you can readily set the structure of your URL once from your blog's admin panel, did you? The big distinction between SEO unfriendly URL and SEO friendly URL is that in the blog post URL you have your targeted keyword.

Example: SEO Friendly URL like this: unfriendly SEO post-title URL like this:

5.Create A Meaningful Meta Description
Meta description plays a key role in capturing the attention of visitors. This description is used in the search outcomes as portion of the snippet displayed.

Make sure to use your targeted keyword to make it SEO friendly when adding a meta description to a blog post. This is one of the best locations to use keywords readily to boost the relevance of the post and boost the visibility of the search engine to rapidly find out your blog post.

Conclusion: SEO-friendly blog posts in a nutshell just to assist you get to the top of the search engine rapidly. But your article must have weight to engage an audience to attract a lot of readers ' attention. In order to make your blog post SEO friendly, you should pay proper attention to the above measures.

Well! Now it's your turn to show that this article is useful? If you have extra information, you can share your ideas as well. Your feedback will be appreciated.


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