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How To Unblock URL/Website Blocked By Facebook.

- July 05, 2019
how to unblock url blocked by facebook

Can't you share your Facebook page URL? (Refer to screenshot below) If your reply is ' YES, ' then you will receive this post.🙂

Facebook blocks your website URL. To make it worse, in the Instagram profile # linkinbio section, you can't share connections to your blocked website URL. (Screenshots below show mobile warning while attempting to tap and press the blocked domain name connection):

Facebook's security system automatically blacklists & hides all prior messages with the blocked URL resulting in no one being able to access the content. Until the website URL is blocked, businesses using Facebook Shop will not be able to display products or create any further sales.

Why did Facebook block my website URL?

One should first attempt to diagnose and comprehend the reasons behind being blocked before we jump into finding alternatives.

There are greater chances of being blocked constantly if the reasons behind being blocked are not understood.

Facebook has an automated security system that controls the Facebook ecosystem adding third party URLs.

Below are the top 3 reasons why your Facebook safety system may block your website URL:

  1. Facebook users report abusive or spam posts: If Facebook posts are flagged by various Facebook users and recorded as spam / abusive, then they are more likely to get blocked automatically. This blockage will proceed until a review is requested by the website owner / webmaster.
  2. Aggressive sharing of links on Facebook: companies often share their website URLs aggressively across Facebook pages and organizations in order to attract more tourists. Numerous Facebook groups allow users to join and exchange Facebook likes that Facebook doesn't like and can penalize by blocking the URL or Facebook profile of the page.
  3. Abusive content: Facebook has created a set of community standards that describes what is and is not permitted on Facebook in an attempt to maintain its social media platform clean and secure. If these guidelines are not met, a website URL will be blocked.

How To Check & Confirm If My Website URL is Blocked?

  1. If you try to share Facebook's website URL and get the above described mistakes, your website URL is likely to be blocked.
  2. Facebook offers a debugger sharing tool for checking and verifying whether or not your website URL is blocked.

How To Make Your Website URL Unblocked by Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide website owners with internet chat / e-mail / phone assistance if their website URL is blocked. This has created much confusion among customers who are desperately searching for some formal orders and help to get rid of the scenario.

* Several forums / groups have suggested starting Facebook sponsored posts with a link to your blocked URL, but my experience has never helped.

Below are some of the methods that you might attempt to appeal to Facebook and unblock your website URL:
  • Facebook Debug Tool–The Facebook Debug Tool includes links to a review incase in which a website URL is blocked and one firmly feels their website is innocent. The Facebook team regularly reviews all such appeals and would respond through Facebook Support to such appeals. Below is a sample message I got as I attempted to appeal on a client's behalf.
  • Facebook User Appeal–Facebook offers users with an attractive choice if they try to share a blocked Facebook website URL. Facebook reviews such an appeal and after a review you may be unblocked.

DO NOT try these procedures to unblock your Facebook website URL:

In my experience, Facebook's security system has periodically blocked many websites until they appropriately appeal. It becomes more complicated when Facebook DOES NOT provide immediate assistance for email / phone / chat to hear from customers and provide direct advice. FAQs don't always assist.

Some miscreants have thus revealed this frustrating condition as a method of making easy money and publish fake Facebook-based phone numbers based on TOLL Free USA. People who confidently portray themselves from the Facebook Support Department respond to users calling for assistance.

After hearing the problems, these fake supporters initiate a user's Facebook account verification & validation process that primarily includes requesting the user to purchase Google Play Gift Cards or Apple iTunes Gift Cards worth hundreds of denominations and hand them the card numbers over the phone.

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