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GEICO Is More Than Insurance For Cars.

- July 29, 2019

When people believe regarding GEICO (outside our little green mascot) one thing comes to mind: auto insurance. That's all right for hem — They've been in company since 1936 and are very proud to be a sector leader. But we're not a pony with one trick. In reality, for your home, company and all the stuff that move you, we deliver excellent service, prices and security.

Would you like to find out about the GEICO that you may not understand? You have entered at the right place.

  1. Safeguarding your home

With the correct kind of insurance, a happy home begins. The GEICO Insurance Agency can assist you find the correct security for your home and property, whether you are renting or owning, whether you live in a single-family home, townhouse, apartment or condo. Plus, in some countries, if you insure your home through the GEICO Insurance Agency, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount on your GEICO auto insurance.
It's your largest investment if you own a house. That's why having the correct insurance coverage is essential. Remember, the insurance provided by your homeowners association or condo association does not cover what is inside your home or offers protection for private liability. For manufactured homes as well as rental and seasonal properties, we can even assist you with coverage.

Have you lately produced any home renovations or purchased fresh furnishings?If so, you may need an upgrade to your homeowners policy. It's simple to get a quote from the GEICO Insurance Agency for comparison.

Renters Insurance
If you are a renter, you may think that you are covered by the insurance policy of your landlord, but the truth is that most landlord policies do not cover your personal belongings in case of fire, theft or water damage. Think of all the valuables you need— all the furnishings, electronics, jewelry, and precious collections — in your location. How much would it cost you today to replace it all? Let the GEICO Insurance Agency help you find the correct insurance cover for renters to cover your property's complete replacement value.

2.Protection For Your Business

Commercial Auto Insurance

More than just a private car, GEICO can cover. Are you using your car for company? You're going to need a trade auto policy. The selection of the correct carrier is essential to your business ' success. Not only can GEICO offer business car insurance on your fleet, but we can also insure specialty services cars and custom cars like:

  • Contractors (HVAC’s, Plumbers, Builders, etc.)
  • Lawn, Tree and Landscaping Service Providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Farmers
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Mobile Detailing
  • Florists
  • Retail Stores
  • Church Vehicles
  • Daycare Autos
You may wonder what distinguishes GEICO Commercial Auto Insurance from any other insurer. That's a wonderful question. If your insurance company does not have the economic resources to pay for your claim, low premiums are no bargain. GEICO is continuously rated by independent specialists as "excellent" or better, and our company clients receive the same exceptional service and insurance savings that have become synonymous with GEICO private car insurance. We also offer extended business hours and the ability in many cases to provide immediate coverage over the phone— something that many of our competitors simply can not.

We can also assist you protect your tiny company from responsibility and property harm. Do you drive to a rideshare business? Learn how you and your car can be covered by ridesharing insurance whether you're on the clock or off.

3.Protection For What Moves You
Part of the motorcycle, ATV, boat and RV lure is the sense of liberty and adventure that goes hand in hand with owning one of those cars. But accountability comes with that liberty. This is where GEICO is coming in. On most kinds of motorcycles, ATVs and RVs, we can provide insurance coverage. Even your ship and private watercraft can be covered.

Motorcycle Insurance
Some say only wild people are riding motorcycles. We're saying they're missing. One of the fantastic joys in life is to have your shoulders in the wind. There's something very satisfactory about riding on two wheels, and something very amazing. We get it, and for the journey we want to be along.

Since 1978, GEICO Have insured motorcycles, so whether you're riding a cruiser, a sport bike, a touring bike, a dirt bike or a scooter, we've covered you. We will tailor your strategy to meet your requirements and ensure that you receive our highest possible price, and our knowledgeable motorcycle reps team is as passionate about motorcycles as you are. Plus, with a Multi-Policy Discount, you could save even more in many countries if you insure your vehicle and motorcycle with GEICO.


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