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Remove Footer Copyright Links From Blogger Template Without Redirecting.

- July 01, 2019

Blogger is one of the world's major blogging site. More than millions of individuals use twitter as their site for blogging. Blogger templates play a significant part on a online. We want our columnist to select a ideal reader model.

There are many blog template suppliers in the world.Like SoraTemplates, Templatesyard, Theme-expose, Gooyabi are some of the finest template providers in the world. 

However, they offer the template's open variant to use. But some characteristics are disabled for free download. I gave some characteristics handicapped below.

  1. Encrypted Scripts
  2. Lifetime updates
  3. Lifetime Support
  4. Footer Credit.
Some new bloggers purchase blogger templates to those templates providers. I believe purchasing blogger templates is a worst job guy. 

Are you attempting to extract the copyright of your footer? But there was nothing going on. Just drop it. I've got a magic trick to fix that mistake.

Footer Credit Is Seem Like This :-

Sample of a footer copyright

Some individuals try to conceal the footer credit using some CSS coding. However, I will do something distinct from the method of Other in this article. So just follow my steps closely.

Step 1: -

You first need to figure out your copyright document for your footer. To do this, go to the dashboard of your blog and tap on the View Blog.

You can now see the license footer. Just duplicate the patent footer to the edge of your website. I've already provided the patent footer test.


Step 2 :

Now Just Go to your Blogger Dashboard and do tap on theme option bar.

Then Click on edit HTML >>> Press Ctrl+F to get search box >>> Paste and search your footer copyright texts.

Step 3 :

That's the last component of the process.After getting the footer widget.You just need to Look out for  the exact <div> before the footer copyright. The sample Image is given below.


Now Paste the code below just before  <div> tag

<style>.removelink{text-indent:-99999px;}</style> <div class="removelink">

Add another  < /div> Tag On the end of the footer widget.


Now press Save Changes and I'm confident you'll be amazed to refresh your page.

Your copyright will be withdrawn from your footer and your database will not be redirected to the location of the author's model.

Conclusion: This is a perfect way to remove footer credit from a blogger templates guys. If you're working on this trick, don't remember to report on your knowledge below.

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