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Best WordPress social sharing plugins for Bloggers (Updated: 2019).

- June 30, 2019
Best Social Sharing Plug Ins For Wordpress
Best Social Sharing Plug Ins For Wordpress

Because it is the most common blogger content management system, at least half of you should have WordPress-powered websites.

The best thing about WordPress is the huge plugin collection that allows you to incorporate characteristics into a flash.

In this article, for something every site must have, I rounded up the top WordPress plugins.

I'm talking about buttons for social sharing.

Let's get there.

Why You Need Social Media Sharing Buttons?

Before we find the finest social plugin for your WordPress site, I will find a "why" query. There will be three reasons for including the social media sharing of every blog, irrespective of its niche:

Increase Your Online Reach Exponentially

Sharing social media buttons allow you to take advantage of all the most efficient advertising cars— your audience.

Think of it. Most probably, your readers have hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters of social media.

A well-developed social media widget for WordPress will assist you tap into the social reach of your audience to boost brand development.

Build The Authority For Brands;-

Who would you like to trust, a website that you don't understand or a close friend?

I was thinking that way.

Someone sharing your content enables you to "borrow" some of their credibility. In turn, anyone who finishes reading your post is more probable to have confidence in you.

In addition, website properties ' finest social sharing buttons often have share counters. This monitors the amount of occasions a post is shared on some networks— thus raising the general trustworthiness of the page.

All of these will certainly affect your sales positively and lead generation initiatives.

Connect To Most Influencing Peoples
If you are planning a marketing campaign for guest posts or influencer, buttons on social media can assist you discover the correct opportunities.

It's not science of rockets. The wider your social media reaches, the more opportunities you have to connect with influencers of social media and famous bloggers.

By allowing readers to do their role, social media shares can bring everything on hyperdrive.

The Following Are Must-Have Plugins for Social Sharing On Wordpress

Here are the necessary social media sharing plugins for bloggers without further ado:

1. Social Snap

If I share a list of the finest plugins, I could begin with the one I use personally.

Social Snap is a lightweight WordPress plugin that integrates in seconds buttons for professional sharing.

It's one of the bloggers ' personal plugins you just need to install once and forget about. And I'm confident after a couple of minutes with the plugin that it's ideal for my requirements.

Social Snap has a couple of choices for customization. These make mixing the plugin easier with any design system you've created for your website.

You can change each button's shape, color, and animation. Best of all, as you can see on my page, none of your customization attempts will affect the efficiency of your blog. 😉

Key Features

  • Standard and floating buttons for sharing
  • The design is completely responsive
  • Gutenberg-Friendlines
  • Click-To-Tweet Boxes
  • Plugin Add-Ons
  • Supports 30 + Pro-Plan social media networks  

2. Social Pug

Social Pug is, in a manner, similar to a real pug — like in the dog breed.

Both come in packages that are lightweight and enjoyable.

Social Pug is perhaps the most user-friendly plugin for WordPress social media. You will find out in a time how nice-looking, mobile-friendly sharing buttons can be enabled on your blog in two clicks.

Key Features:

  • Unbelievably easy process of configuration
  • Decent customizability level
  • Plugin Scalability Extensions
  • Click-To-Tweet Extension
  • The "Social Networks Pack" supports all major social networks.


Have you noticed any of the above WordPress social sharing plugin? 

Think I missed one or two plugins worthy of mention? Whatever it is, if you share your ideas in the remarks below, I will surely enjoy it. 

Stick around shortly for more amazing blogging tips!


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