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AMP For Blogger Templates, Read The Advantages Vs. Disadvantages.

- July 01, 2019

Would you like to introduce Blogger's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? Or would you like to understand the benefits of establishing an AMP blogger template and its severe disadvantages? 

You arrived on the correct site if your response is yeah. Please check why significant businesses have not yet embraced AMP before creating your website available for AMP.

What are Mobile Accelerated Pages (AMP)?

AMP HTML is Google's open source initiative to deliver mobile content that can be immediately loaded anywhere. In brief, AMP lets your web count quicker like a flying bullet on smart phones, but by sacrificing much of your advertising income and JavaScript from third parties.

Google launched this initiative as a contest for instant papers from Apple News App and Facebook Instant .

FB instant articles are platform-dependent, meaning your website gets traffic from Facebook users alone and your website visitors from search engines can not be provided with the same bullet velocity.

The same is the disadvantage with the Apple News App where your own content can not be published.

But AMP is an autonomous website that provides editors with the ability to optimize material for mobile devices and create it available through a web browser for all apps. 

It has some benefits but several disadvantages that should be noted before you choose AMP.

Some of the following are AMP constraints .

  • Allow only asynchronous scripts..
  • Size all assets statically
  • Do not allow expansion processes to prevent printing
  • Keep all third-party JavaScript out of the critical route
  • All CSS must be upright and size less than 50,000 frames
  • Font activation must be effective
  • Minimize type recalculations
  • Prioritize the reload of resources


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