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How To Get Verified On Whatsapp Business (WhatsApp Blue Badge).

- June 17, 2019



Whatsapp Business was official released as a new tool that help businesses owners and companies to reach their customers easily through whatsapp.Many companies does reach their customers directly to their mobile numbers using whatsapp business nowadays.

Imagine that, many businesses rushing to list their different numbers so that they communicate with their customers easily and fast. All this is done for the purposes of establishment of credibility and authority, WhatsApp has introduced Verified badge for businesses so that they act as a proof of their businesses legit.
As for now, it seems that, no action that has to be done in order to get your WhatsApp Business account verified, i mean to  be given the Verified Badge. 
Verification process is done by Whatsapp Once their investigation prove that a particular account is a business account, the Verified Badge will appear automatically.
So, there is no need to send any requests to WhatsApp to get your account verified. They don't need you to send any request or ocuments that prove you are a business.
For those business that has got the verification badge, whenever you change your business name, there will be loss of the badge; maybe temporarily. 
Until this time WhatsApp is still doing automatic detection process to decide that you are a official business account and there is a need for you to get  Verification Badge,  Thanks 🙏
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How To Get Verified On Whatsapp Business (WhatsApp Blue Badge). >>>


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