- July 01, 2019

I posted about AdSense last time was Big Hit. AdSense approval The largest scoring articles for MrTechSite were together with HilltopAds.

That's why I was thinking about extending the AdSense category, and here's the revised edition of How You Can Get The Right Way AdSense's fastest approval.

Checklist for approval of your AdSense :-

1. Do not take shortcuts. Do not copy any content. The quicker you are accepted, the more original you are. For you to realize this is an significant subject.

You may not notice, but your blog may contain some pirated material. This may be an article you wrote on some other website after reading an article. Piracy is not just intended to be a copy–paste.

However, depending on your need, you can curate content. Instead, try writing material in your vocabulary and imitating someone. Do not make any grammatical errors or imperfections. Make your content pleasant and lovely.

2. Make your ad ready for your blog / website. You need a responsive theme to make your blog ad ready. The topic must contain ad slots above and below the folds. People should see an ad as soon as they land and begin reading an article.

Before applying for AdSense Approval, make sure that you do not use any third-party ad service. In the first glimpse, they'll dismiss you. Use a theme that is responsive, neat and tidy.

Also note that, owing to "Improper Navigation" or "Difficult to navigate" themes, many Google AdSense Approval applications are dismissed. The highest theme you can get is at very low prices from ThemeForest or MyThemeShop.

3. Write 3-4 Long articles just before an application week. Each AdSense account is approved manually, you need to make sure that at the latest date you write papers that are worthy of share and long. Google won't visit every post of yours so a couple of articles would work with the finest content.

There is no less than 1200 words in a long article. They are informative and provide connections to every word consumer should know about the finest comparative I formation. They may be an article called "How-To" or "What-is."

These papers also rank greater in the outcomes of the search engine and make the most of the achievement of your blog.

4. Prepare your Contact & Page Privacy Policy. While it is suggested that you make websites about them as quickly as you build a blog, they are equally essential to get approved for your AdSense. Prepare Privacy Policy and Contact us or you will never approve your blog.

These websites ensure that you are not a spammer and that your blog / website is severe. They demonstrate the validity of your website.

5. 30 Days–30 Rule of the Post. Do not submit your AdSense application before 30 Days of Continuous Online Run is finished on your blog. You must ensure that your blog / website is fully constructed and launched. It's not supposed to be in the construction phase.

Apply after 30 general posts, including 10 lengthy articles, have been released. Use extensive literature and language. Try to use the lowest possible pictures. Images should only be uploaded if needed. They slow down your website / blog and reduce the readability region.

6. Do not use host free. You're already broken if you're using Free Hosts. Every day, Someday, without notice or clarification, your blog will be deleted and your job and dream will disappear.

AdSense approves only 1 in 1000 Applications received from freely hosted websites / blogs. Free hosts have numerous disadvantages, some of which are:-

  1. Nobody is going to take you seriously.
  2. Think of you (Merely Beginner) as a rookie
  3. Your work is not safe
  4. Your work is not secured.
  5. You will be disapproved by major ads and affiliate programs

7. Branding is necessary. Even though AdSense does not have to be mandatory, it is necessary to make your job yours. With a perfect logo, perfect & matching domain and theme, you need to brand your blog.

This demonstrates that you are serious about becoming an internet marketer and that you're going to operate for a long time.

8. Register and verify your website / blog with Google and Bing webmasters. Take a minute and get a tracking code from Google Analytics. This will also assist you to get precious and accurate analytical information to assist you understand your traffic.

9. Keep following The SEO RULES. With adequate search engine optimizations, Google has a good position and regard for blogs and websites. 

This ensures that you're prepared to create your internet presence and that you're not just a beginner that will quickly run out of nothing.

10. Keep up front of your blog. Make your marketing on social media a blast. Join Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and, if possible, Youtube. If correctly managed, social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, will provide you with a large share of traffic.

Tools like Crowdfire and ManageFlitter Are excellent platforms to manage your personal accounts every inch.

11. Buy a domain name of your own. It is preferred to have domain extension. Google AdSense does not even recognize submitting sub-domains such as domain. or to websites.

Get your domain for inexpensive rates from a registrar such as NameCheap or Godaddy. Buy a domain name that obviously refers to your company. Your domain name allows us to choose your brand name wisely.

Make sure that you follow all processes. It will take time, but quickly enough you will see a shift in the traffic and structure of your blog. AdSense is simply another network of ads.

I hope you'll be accepted for adsense network quickly, but remember, I need you to come back and tell me your tale and methods that you've used, either in the comments section, on Twitter or through the contact form.

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